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GAB neumann
GAB neumann

For more than 50 years GAB Neumann has designed and manufactured GRAPHITE and SILICON CARBIDE heat exchangers, equipment and components for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, steel coating and environmental industries.

Providing the highest quality and maintaining a strong customer focus are the foundation of our organization. This is demonstrated by the longevity of more than 20,000 units that have been delivered to a loyal customer base. Our staff are our key, they are highly skilled, well experienced and dedicated, ensuring the success of our products and our company.

Across the world, our staff and agents develop solutions with our clients for their specific applications to optimize overall performance and cost.

In addition to our products we offer the respective maintenance services. These activities include chemical cleaning services of process equipment and plants in various materials of construction of various manufacturers.

The Material Graphite

The critical success factors for high quality graphite processing are: an homogeneous texture, a uniform grain structure, a perfect graphite impregnation process and consistent mechanical and thermal processing. Providing these qualities, ensures that our products meet the most demanding requirements (e.g. cGMP capabilities).

Graphite is characterized by its wide ranging and high level of corrosion resistance. It resists nearly all acids, solvents, chlorides and other halogen compounds as well as their corresponding alloys.

Graphite‘s thermal conductivity is much greater than most comparable corrosion resistant materials. A very low tendency to foul compliments and helps to qualify the material for use in onerous applications.

Duties as extreme as quenching flue gas at 1,300°C can be accommodated with graphite as it is capable of withstanding wall temperatures within the range of _-60°C to +200°C.

Diverse processes can be accommodated with the large available pressure envelope -1 bar to +16 bar.

Different raw material manufacturing processes provide for differing graphite grades, i.e. mechanical strengths, allowable operating temperatures and chemical resistance.

  • GAB GPX1 G18-0-180
  • GAB GPX1T G18-0-200
  • GAB GPX2 G20-0-200

The Material Silicon Carbide

Due to its hardness, its resistance against abrasion, its thermal properties and the universal corrosion resistance silicon carbide is an excellent material for the design of heat exchangers and other process equipment. Regarding its complete lack of ductility and other mechanical treatment it is very different from any metallic materials.

Crucial to the application of the pressureless and directly sintered silicon carbide SSiC employed in GAB Neumann products is its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Silicon carbide shows a very high purity and consecutively does not cause any product contamination. For the use in ultra- pure processes, e.g. in the manufacturing of electronic chemicals, SSiC is cleaned by a special cleaning agent before use.

This enables the material for the use in ppt applications. The ceramic also offers excellent properties with respect to thermal shock. The allowable short term temperature gradient exceeds 200 K. This ensures highest operational safety of heat exchangers and condensers especially at start up and shut down procedures.

To comply with the different challenges of diverse applications GAB Neumann developed three heat exhanger designs:
  • CORRESIC® Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • CORRESIC® Block Heat Exchangers
  • CORRESIC® Annular-groove Heat Exchangers

The specific characteristics of the different designs result in diverse benefits as per the respective application. This ensures best performance throughout all thermal processes.

The Designs

Graphite Heat exchangers Unique geometry and design Adaptable to multiple operating conditions Optimal heat transfer coefficient and thermal transfer Extremely low tendency to fouling Self-cleaning No cross contamination (no gaskets, GMP compliant design possible).

GAB neumann Graphite Annular Groove Cooler Type RA/WA
Graphite Annular Groove
Cooler Type
GAB neumann Graphite Annular Groove Condenser/Evaporator NB/HB/UB
Graphite Annular Groove
GAB neumann Graphite Annular Groove Condenser/Evaporator GN/GH
Graphite Annular Groove
Type GN/GH

A key design and focus of the GAB Neumann product portfolio is the annular-groove heat exchanger. This unique design was developed by GAB Neumann and enables us to adapt the heat exchanger to each customer’s operating requirements. The geometry and design provides high turbulence, resulting in low fouling, automatic cleaning and high heat transfer. Potential leak paths and cross contamination are minimized by eliminating or reducing gasketed joints. Block and Shell & Tube heat exchangers complete the various modifications of the annular-groove heat exchanger design. This portfolio enables us to perfectly cover the complete range of thermal processes.

Best Choice for any Application …

  • Graphite/Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers
  • Universal applicable design
  • For different applications
  • Modular setup and low maintenance structure
GAB neumann Graphite- / SiC-Block Type GE/GZ or SE
Graphite- / SiC-Block
Type GE/GZ or SE
GAB neumann Silicon carbide Shell & Tube Type SR
Silicon carbide Shell & Tube
Type SR
  • Techinically perfect
  • Use in single or multipurpose plants
  • High thermal performance
  • Small overall size
  • cGMP-compliant / qualified for API production
  • Long performance life
  • Low price and low operating costs
  • Short delivery time

The combination of customized designs and high performance impregnated graphite and silicon carbide materials results in heat exchangers that are successfully applied in both, mono and multi- purpose plants.

Determining the best thermal performance, optimum heat exchanger size, product purity, cGMP compliance in API synthesis units or other specific process conditions are crucial to selecting the best product for your application.

GAB Neumann’s broad portfolio ensures best operational safety, highest equipment reliability at competitive prices and low operating and maintenance costs.

GAB neumann Product and Application Overview Graphic

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