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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and Steam Ejectors

For more than 110 years, Nash has manufactured liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and engineered-to-order systems that deliver value by enhancing performance, reliability and efficiency. Today Nash has expanded its product portfolio to offer a complete range of vacuum solutions, including liquid ring pumps and compressors from NASH and GARO, DRY-PRO dry vacuum pumps, ENER-JET steam ejectors and hybrid vacuum systems, and WITTIG rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps.

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Customers are selecting non-contacting, dry screw, vacuum pumps over liquid ring vacuum pumps in many applications because they require less energy to operate, can achieve much deeper vacuums with a single pump and help customers meet stringent environmental regulations.

The dry and contact free operation requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber which provides two major advantages: no process contamination and no pollution caused by pump operation. They offer low noise levels, easy to service design and a combination of mechanical and double-lip PTFE seals to assure maximum shaft tightness. 

Dry-Pro VSA – Fixed Pitch Screw Rotors

Capacity to 424 cfm (720 m3/h), Vacuum to .0015" Hg abs (.05 mbar abs).  NASH DRY-PRO VSA Models offer screw rotors with a fixed pitch and are suitable for solvent recovery and drying processes in the plastics industry, as well as other fine chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Dry-Pro VSA – Fixed Pitch Screw Rotors

Dry-Pro VSB – Variable Pitch Screw Rotors

Capacity 47 to 383 cfm (80 to 650 m3/h), Vacuum to .0015" HgA (.03 mbar abs).  NASH DRY-PRO VSB dry screw vacuum pump models offer variable pitch screw rotors and are suitable for solvent recovery and drying processes in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. ATEX compliant versions are available.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

NASH Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are the reliable and durable solution for demanding process applications. The NASH pump design was the first-of-its-kind when launched in 1905, and has been an industry leader ever since.

2BE1 Series

The 2BE1 series is certified according to ATEX and proved itself in many challenging applications. Select 2BE1 models are now available with Nash’s patent pending VERTEX Technology. The most significant technological leap in liquid ring pumps in 110 years, VERTEX boosts pump efficiency by up to 7% with no visible changes to the pump. Suction capacity 100 to 28000 m³/h; Vacuum to 33 mbar abs.; Discharge pressure to 3.5 bar abs.

2BE3 / 2BE4 and P2620 Series

Designed to operate in demanding environments like the paper, power, mining and chemical process industries, these pumps offer durability and reliability at a low cost of operation. Each model is equipped with an application-proven polyisoprene-lined body for added corrosion & erosion resistance. The 2BE3 & 2BE4 models allow efficient operation over the entire vacuum range without the need to change the pump's internals. When equipped with a center shroud, split vacuum operation up to 12 in. Hg (400 millibar) differential can be achieved. The NASH 2BE4 series offers capacities ranging from 2,500 to 33,000 m³/hr down to 160 mbar abs. (as a vacuum pump) and from 3,000 to 9,500 m³/h up to 2.5 bar abs. (as a compressor).

2BE5 Series

The NASH 2BE5 is the next generation of flat sided vacuum pump/compressor design. Offering higher vacuum capabilities, and improved efficiency the NASH 2BE5 delivers reliable performance while reducing water consumption up to 25% when compared to earlier 2BE models and it’s a drop in replacement for 2BE3 and 2BE4 models making upgrades extremely easy.  Vacuum range to 160 mbar abs. / to 4.7 in. Hg abs. Compressor pressure greater than 2 bar abs. / 15 psig.

2BM1 / 2BM5 Hermetically Sealed Series

Through a magnetic drive with static o-ring seals, Nash achieves non-contact torque transmission which permits hermetic sealing. This eliminates any leakage, making the 2BM series an ideal solution for process applications that handle toxic or explosive gases or liquids, and applications that must comply with the strictest environmental regulations. The 2BM5 offers a large differential pressure capability, allowing the pump to covers a wide range of operating conditions and industrial applications. Capacity to 877 cfm, Vacuum to 1" Hg abs, Compressor Pressure to 5.8 psig. The 2BM5 has capacity to 270 cfm, Vacuum to 1" Hg abs, Compressor pressure to 21.7 psig.

904 / 905 Series

The NASH 904 Series replaced the popular NASH CL pump series in the 1980's. Capacities of the 904 pumps range upward from 3,000 CFM at vacuum. These durable pumps can handle excess liquid carryover without any difficulty, even if it arrives as massive slugs. 904 pumps are found in many industries including Paper, Chemical, and Mining and are still available today. The 905 has capacity ranging from 3000 - 16000 CFM / 5,100 to 27,200 m³/h.

CL Series Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

The NASH CL Vacuum Pump and Compressor product line is perhaps the most popular ever built. There are 12 different models, from the CL-200 through the CL-14000, with capacities ranging from 150 CFM to over 14,000 CFM. They can be found in many applications including: autoclaves, carburetor testing, chucking, condenser exhausting, container filling, cooking, deaerating, drying, eviscerating, exhausting, extruder venting, fiber setting, filtering, forming, gas stripping, molding, pickup and conveying, priming, slot extraction, and solvent recovery.

Marine Duty Vacuum Pumps

NASH has been providing vacuum pumps and packages in shipboard priming applications for over 50 years and continues to offer a wide range of classic products for this service. The single stage MD570, MD670, MHC, and MHF series are available in a variety of materials including bronze, copper nickel, and stainless steel. These pumps are close coupled to a marine duty motor with capacities ranging from 10 to 75 CFM. If deeper vacuum is required, the two stage AT34 & AT64 pumps are available with capacities ranging from 30 to 75 CFM.

Vectra GL / XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The Vectra GL model, available from 120 to 830 CFM (200 to 1,500 m³/hr), is ideal for general industrial applications. It comes standard with internal mechanical seals and many Nash patented innovations including gas scavenging. Specifications: vacuum 0 – 29 Hg vac / to 33 mbar abs; Differential pressure 15 psi / 1 bar; Compressor pressure 15 psig / 2 bar abs; Hydrotest pressure 75 psig / 6 bar abs. standard; Construction material is ductile iron.

The Vectra XL model, available from 120 to 5,300 CFM (200 to 9,000 m³/hr), was designed to meet the stringent requirements of many CPI applications. Whether operating as a vacuum pump or compressor, it features a 30 PSI (2 bar) differential capability. Specifications: vacuum 0 – 29 Hg vac / to 33 mbar abs; Differential pressure 30 psi / 2 bar; Compressor pressure 30 psig / 3 bar abs; Hydrotest pressure 150 psig / 11 bar abs (225 psig / 16 bar abs. optional); Construction material either ductile iron or stainless steel with a variety of shaft sealing options.

The NASH Vectra Series can be operated within a wide range of operating speeds, with numerous 50 and 60 HZ direct drive speeds. This increased turndown capability makes them ideal for varying load applications when driven by VFD's.

Vectra SX Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

The Vectra SX adds five models to Nash’s Vectra series in the 1 ½ to 10 HP range at 60 Hz (0.75 to 5.5 kW at 50 Hz), providing the right solution for small capacity vacuum pump requirements. Designed to use less energy and consume less operating liquid than competitive models, it is possible to save as much as 40% on power consumption and 50% on water usage. Specifications: vacuum 0 – 29 Hg vac / to 33 mbar abs; Compressor pressure 0 - 20 psig / 2.3 bar abs. standard; Construction material either cast iron with precision cast 316 SS Rotor & SS lined body or all precision cast 316 SS.

TC / TCM Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

NASH TC/TCM two-stage impeller liquid ring vacuum pumps offer highly reliable and efficient solutions for power, chemical and petrochemical applications. Designed to handle large amounts of liquid carryover without difficulty, the NASH TC/TCM pump delivers reliable, long lasting performance under the most demanding applications at 40% lower absolute pressure than single stage pumps. Specifications: vacuum to 27 mbar abs. (0.8 in HgA); Hydrotest pressure 6 bar abs. ((75 psig) standard; Capacity 170 to 3,740 m3/hr; Construction material either ductile iron or stainless steel.

ENER-JET Steam & Air Ejectors

NASH ENER-JET™ steam ejectors reduce steam consumption up to 15%*, offering typical pay back in less than two years, while improving compliance with regional environmental regulations. They are designed to handle large volumes at very high vacuum levels, and can be optimized to contribute to process enhancements and operational efficiency at very low capital investment.

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