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Quadro - Leading Process Equipment Innovation

Quadro engineering manufactures and markets an innovative line of mixers, emulsifiers, powder dispersion units, shear pumps and high shear wet mills for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic/Personal Care and Fine Chemical Industries. Quadro Ytron® products are sanitary stainless steel, batch and continuous/inline mixers for powder wetting, powder incorporation, powder dissolving, high shear mixing, solids deagglomeration, solids suspension, dispersion, emulsification and liquid blending.

Ytron Z Emulsifier

The Quadro Ytron Z delivers unparalleled consistency and control of high shear process applications such as immiscible phase emulsifying/homogenizing, wet grinding, deagglomeration and fine solids dispersing.

Ytron ZC Inline Powder Disperser

The Quadro Ytron® ZC Powder Disperser is uniquely engineered to disperse even the most difficult to wet powders into a liquid stream in a single pass. The advanced design of the ZC Disperser’s rotor/stator reactor provides intense shearing of powders prior to hydration. This leads to homogeneous suspensions free of lumps and “fish eyes”.

HV High Shear Homogenizer & Wet Mill

If your pharmaceutical, food, chemical or personal care & cosmetics application doesn’t require the highest energy levels of a dedicated high-pressure homogenizer or media mill, then the Quadro® HV-Emulsifier and Wet Mill offers a much better process value.

The Quadro® HV series provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor-stator mill, significantly lowering capital costs compared to homogenizers or media mills, and is ideally suited for processing submicron emulsions or suspension micronization.

The Quadro® HV series can be optimized for various applications and is available in two configurations; the HV Emulsifier for submicron homogenizing, and the HV Wet Mill for micronizing suspensions and slurries.

Integrated Solutions, Custom Engineered for Your Processing Applications

From stand-alone in-line emulsifiers to integrated process skid systems, incorporating automatic powder feed, liquid flow control and product transfer, each solution can be custom configured for easy integration with your process train. And to ensure successful integration into your plant environment, we offer on-site demos, lab testing, monthly rentals and extended proof-of-performance programs.

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