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SEEPEX - Wine Industry Pump Solutions

Improve Must Transfer

The transfer of must is a critical aspect of winemaking that has a direct impact on a vineyard’s bottom line. Must transfer requires a pump that can meet a variety of requirements in order to produce a high quality juice, a large yield, and a product that contains minimal solids at drain.

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are positive displacement pumps that minimize shearing and agitation and limit oxidization, all key requirements for wineries. They are also self-priming, have adjustable flow rates, and are tolerant of sediment and solids, giving them the ability to efficiently handle waste products.

Engineered to handle mash, must, lees, pomace, pump-over, yeast, whole grapes and other viscous materials, pc pumps excel in a variety of processes within wineries. SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps have exhibited operational improvements at vineyards that previously utilized centrifugal or rotary lobe pumps during crush and other steps throughout the wine making process.

  • Must Transfer
  • Stem, Skin, Lees, & Sediment Waste
  • Filtering and Bottling
  • Additive dosing

Features and Benifits

  • Steady low-pulsation flow
  • Simple design and easy to maintain
  • Mobile and stationary installation options
  • Reliable and accurate metering
  • Low shear
  • Ability to convey whole fruits, berries, must, juices, wines and lees
  • No need for additional equipment such as pulsation dampers
  • Limited oxidization
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Adjustable flow rates and directions
  • Self priming

SEEPEX diagram

BN Range

BN range pumps have minimal pulsation with a uniform and controlled flow. Utilized to transfer must and waste throughout the wine making process.

Conveying Capacity - UP TO 2,200 US GPM

Working Pressure - UP TO 700 PSI

BT Range

BT range pumps are made with a standard hopper and auger feed screw. Designed to convey highly viscous to semi-solid, non-flowable products, such as whole grapes and stems.

Conveying Capacity - UP TO 350 US GPM

Working Pressure - UP TO 525 PSI

BCSO / BCF Range

BCSO food pumps are 3-A certified and have FDA approved components to transfer finished wine products. They meet the demands for cleanliness and safety with open barrel shaped pin joints for residue-free CIP.

Conveying Capacity - UP TO 570 US GPM

Working Pressure - UP TO 350 PSI

MD / IMP Range

MD and IMP range pumps allow for precise, consistent, repeatable metering suitable for additive and bottling processes.

Conveying Capacity - 0.016-264 US GPM

Working Pressure - UP TO 360 PSI




SEEPEX’s user-friendly maintenance design, Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), provides the fastest maintenance times in the industry, decreasing pump life-cycle costs. Progressive cavity pumps with SCT do not need to be removed for maintenance or accommodate space for rotor and stator removal. SCT allows the stator to be re-adjusted giving a significantly longer lifespan.

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