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Sundyne and Sunflo Pumps
Sundyne Corporation

Sundyne Corporation is a leading high technology corporation having a reputation for excellence in both the aerospace and commercial industries. Sundyne Corporation traces its origin to Sundstrand's aviation Division, when this aerospace group was contracted by Boeing Aircraft to build a high-pressure water injection pump to increase jet engine thrust during take-off. It was from this unique high speed, single stage centrifugal pump that Sundstrand Fluid Handling (now Sundyne Corporation) got its start. In 1962, while working in cooperation with a major Gulf Coast Chemical Company, a derivative of this design was introduced to the hydrocarbon processing industry.

For more than thirty years, Sundyne Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of engineered pumps and compressors. Sundyne is committed to maintaining their technological leadership as a supplier of pumps and compressors. They are dedicated to providing reliable, economical units delivered on time, as well as after-service support to keep their users "up and running". Aftermarket services include spare parts, overhaul and repair as well as engineering and technical support.

Sundyne's products are found in a wide range of industrial applications throughout the process industry. Sundyne's products serve the worldwide hydrocarbon and chemical processing, pulp and paper, power generation, dairy, food & beverage markets and mining industry. The company's products include high-speed centrifugal pumps and compressors. Sundyne Corporation is a division of Hamilton-Sundstrand, a United Technologies subsidiary, and serves its customers in over 117 countries supported by a vastly experienced network of representatives and distributors-our channel partners. Sundyne has over 700 employees, including approximately 300 outside the United States.

Sundyne's unique design offers the ability to optimize efficiency, curve shape, HPSH, runout horsepower and radial loading to provide economical, reliable operation. Unlike conventional multistage pumps, Sundyne computer tailored hydraulics put the BEP (best efficiency point) at the rated point.

Sundyne LMV-311

The Sunflo high speed design offers multi-stage performance with single-stage simplicity in a compact unit. Pump offered in a frame mounted configuration allowing use of a standard electric motor. Pump also offered as a close-coupled design as an integral pump and motor package. This configuration provides a compact lightweight unit that does not utilize bedplates, couplings or belts.

Sunflo FLO-Fam 100
FLO-Fam 100

Milton S. Frank Co, Inc. is proud to be a representative for Sundyne Sealed Pumps!

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