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Ore processing equipment Mineral & Ore Processing

Nevada was formed as a mining state with mining districts for gold, silver and copper found all over the state. In 2001, Nevada's mines produced 8.125 million ounces of gold making Nevada the world's third largest gold producer. Mine sites are extremely difficult environments that require machinery with robust designs and simple maintenance.

All-Flo Metallic and Non-Metallic Double Diaphragm Pumps are recognized as a vital resource for day-to-day operations in nearly all industrial plants.

Fluid Transfer, Filter-Press, Dewatering, and Dispensing, Filling & Metering applications are part of day-to-day operations in many industries including agriculture, biotech & pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, marine, mining, oil refining & oil related industries, power, semiconductor, water & waste water treatment.

All-Flo diaphragm pumps can easily move most fluids, from the thinnest solvents to the harshest elements like sludge and sand, with no damage to the fluid or the pump. We recommend no more than 10 PSIG positive suction pressure in any air diaphragm pump application.
Bran+Luebbe metering pumps carefully dispense minor additives. These liquids may be caustic and corrosive, requiring special materials of construction.
Flowserve Logo Flowserve pumps Offering a full line of pumps engineered specifically for water and slurry applications.
Flowserve Logo Flowserve seals Offering a complete line of mechanical seals designed specifically for water and abrasive slurry applications.
Some of the largest mixers that Lightnin produces are found at mine sites. Mixers are everywhere, stirring powders into liquids, blending and suspending solids. Many applications require special metals or coatings used on the shafts and impellers.
Tranter logo Tranter heat exchangers are used for all types of processes in mines. Any liquid that needs to be heated, or cooled, (including steam) will require some type of heat exchange. Tranter manufactures plate and frame as well as platecoil style heat exchangers.
Waukesha has two types of sanitary pumps that are very popular with mineral and ore processing. Rotary lobe pumps are used for many types of thick products, while centrifugal pumps are used for more viscous liquids.

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